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After suffer from the stupidty from the day staff (to desinterest to deal with things which are dealable in minutes) i can proclaim:

Vacation. 5 Weeks.

I will do nothing. Nothing, i say (exept some movie/tv show marathon with a friend)

The only thing i will try, is to get rid of the pain in my left shoulder. The arthosis bothers me a lot these days.
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Yesterday i  ”stole” this from lovecanbesostrange on Tumblr:

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After filling out a mountain of paperwork, the rehab is starting next week.

At least 3 weeks full of sport, therapy (i really hope for massages) and rush (usually they fix the appointments really close to another and at the opposite side of the building).

Now i'm packing bags and try not to overpack
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Yay, the Federal Pension Fund approved and i have the orthopedic reha.

In July, at least 3 weeks.
That kills the shedule at work, but i don't care anymore
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Today a neighbor realized the fact, that he shouldn't drive a car anymore. 
He drove backward instead forward and ran over his metal garden fence with massive metal door.
He tore the foundation from it's moorings.

The car is totaled.

The guy is 92 years old and i feared somthing like this happens someday.
But i could be so much worse. He could ran over some child or something.
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Earlier today i went to the gym. After that i ran some errands without changing clothes.
I dressed with camouflage pants and black t shirt.

In the nearby village i passed a campaign for the elections in a few days from the NPD. This is the Nazi Party.
And because i'm dressed as i was, they assumed i'm a fellow sympathizer. I am definitive not.

I told them so. Not in a friendly way.

In the future i will dress differently.
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Quite boring these days.

I'm not often at work, because i worked so much extra hours ( in the region of 100 hours) and now i'm able to take some time off, before the hell begins again (staringt this month. Oh Boy!)

Last week i visited the mall and went to "Build a Bear". I strolled through the store and found a Bear who was a very detailed version of "Finn" fom Glee. Jeans, sneakers, white longarm undershirt and a blue/white shirt over this.
As a detail: Drumsticks in both paws. I was very amused and had almost buyed it. But ca 75€ were way to much.
Some Day i build a "Dave" bear. This is too much pun with the whole Bear Cub thing than to miss this oppurtunity.
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Never had such a quiet Easter.
Nobody's Home and i watch Spartacus: Blood and Sand on my very new 50" Plasma TV with the wonderful DVD/BD Player (now i know, hating Usher in HD is much more fun).

I hope you all had a great Holiday yourself.  Happy residual Easter.
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This is a post without any work rant. I have not the energy for it.

Now a little boasting: I bought a new DVD/BD Player, after my old DVD Player died an awful loud death. It arrived yesterday. The thing is codefree and multiregion
One problem: I need a new TV now. My old one isn't a HD one and there is a serious lack of HDMI port.

So, i go and buy one next week, so i can watch finally my only US BD. It's Faculty, by the way.  I bought it and it get dusty since then. I can't wait to hate Usher in HD.

I bought some things:

SG-1 Season 9
Tucker & Dale vs Evil
The Mist - Limited Collectors Edition
Gladiator - 10th Anniversary Edition
Black Hawk Down
Doctor Who: Series 1-4 Collection
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Guess what!

Our Queen of  the sick call, called in sick saturday. We run 2/2 again.
This happens a lot these days, because others are real sick.

She has a new reason, finally. We mob her.
This came into her mind after she learned some of the others partied at carnival and she was not invited. Poor gal.
We are not even capable of such thing. She's rarely around.

Beside this, she made really clear that she doesn't care about the team. Now this?
It's clearly her new reason for lazy days at home and sniff coke
I ask myself why she fought her dismissals she got in the past so vehemently.

This sucks really big time.

Now to something completely different:

I lost more weight. Since i start with Victoza, i lost around 10 lb. This make 37lb less since my weight peak. A new wardrobe is due again.


I bought again:

Sucker Punch - Extended Cut
Red Riding Hood
The Pillars of the Earth
Stargate Universe - Season 1

This month i visit a DVD/BD "Con" in Muenster and we will see if i find something interesting. I'm looking forward for it. 
I also meet a group of friends, again, after a big fight few years ago i had with some of them.
I wonder how it goes, because it was nasty.
Well, we'll see. We are all "reasonable" adults (sort of).

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After a week with "Victoza" i lost 6 lb. The Doc said, this is unusual, but ok.

The fasting blood sugar level is great, but the other results could be better.
Tomorrow i start with the 1,2mg.

Next appointment in 4 weeks.
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Some Side effects making themself noticeable.

I feel mild nausea, i'm belching and i taste rotten eggs.

But the effect is awesome. With the lowest dose (0,6 mg) i have great results.
Next Wednesday i start with the next higher level (1,2mg).
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My diabetologist paused all my insulin and gave me a prescrption for a new Antidiabetikum. It's called "Victoza" (Sounds like something Harry Potter would say), a "Liraglutide".

The side effects are vomiting, diarrhea and weight loss. Well, weight loss is a promising thing. Isn't it?

I start tomorrow and we'll see how it goes.
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Oh my.
Now i have a Tumblr too.
I'm not sure for what purpose, but  i'm preventive and wave my productive life goodbuy for good.
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Father is still in the Hospital.
They drained his lungs. 1litre fluid they got, but he's better and he can leave next week, it seems.

I found a very good friend from school  in the net and now we write a lot.
After 20 years there is a lot of news and gossip to share.

New purchases:

Stargate SG-1  Season 10
House Season 4
Tropical Heat Season 1
Scrubs Season 7

Newsies (Collectors Edition)
and a few German TV Classics from the 80s

Can anybody recommend a good page like "Hide my Ass"?
HmA doesn't work sometimes.
I had another one, but it dissapeared.

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Well, father's in the Hospital again.
His blood samples came back awful, the liquid in his pericard is increased and there is even liquid in his lungs.

They can't drain the lungs because of the blood thinning meds. Now they discontinue the meds and sheduled the draining for Monday.

Father's down and crying, mother is devastated.
Thank god fathers cousin stays a few days.

Speaking of cousins.
My cousin is in the hospital as well.
She had an emergency surgery yesterday. She had bowel inflammation and the doc's were forced to remove some of it.
Thankfully she doesn't need  a Stoma

I really hope 2012 starts better as 2011 ends
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I hope you all had a pleasant Christmas.

Mine was full of bonecrushing work, because of sick coworkers and other stuff.

My father was released from the Hospital 2 days before Christmas. He's slightly better, but now he has a bad cold (like myself) and loiter around. This pisses my mother off, because she worried about him, but he doesn't say anything about his wellbeing.

Once he said to me he had problems in a shoulder. That makes her sort of jealous, because: "He is talking to you, but not to me"

Fucking Kindergarten.

Let's hope 2012 is better.
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My father had not a heart attack.

It's a pericarditis and a inflammation of the heart itself.
This is a complication from a pneumonia he had weeks ago.

His pulse still runs a mile a minute and he's now on blood thinning meds and lot's and lot's antibiotics

Let's hope he's home at christmas.
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Yesterday was the day. I saw Alison Moyet, Seal and others like John Miles.
Alison lost so much weight. Now she looks like Lisa Stansfield. But her voice was awesome like always.
I don't like Seal, but he is a awesome performer. He went right through the crowd. The security wasnj't quick enough to keep pace.
He serenade a middleaged woman who looked very embarrased.

After that we went home and a few hours later mother called me. My father got sick.
I went downstairs. His blood pressure was terrible and i called 911.
They took him to the ER. Suspicion for a heart attack.
After that they tranfered him to the ICU for further tests.
Mother and i went home.

This afternoon we visited him. Now he's on the normal ward.
He is a little bit better, after some treatment. He's capable for terrible cheesy lines again:
They asked him for former heart problems: Yes, 1962. (Mother and i: huh?)
This was the year i fell in love with my wife.

Mother: Awwwww
Me: *facepalm*
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I know it's boring, but i repeat:
Work is madness. But now at the day. The Nightteam seems ok at this time (knock on wood).

A few new coworkers start not long ago at some specific area. One of the, a trained nurse was forced to work her area alone. At her very first day. They gave her a instruction sheet and: let's go. Work!  For this she quit her former job.

At Friday night a few collegues called in sick and another new one was entirely alone at afternoon shift. Other areas helped her out, but she was entirely overwelmed. It helped nothing, that even then  someone died. At my arrival she sat at the desk and had a good cry. Understandable.

I took over, the physician came and recorded the dead, but he took his time. The widow had also the need for a chat and i ran out of time for my first medical round. It became a bit hectic at the end.

I buyed again:

Spooks Season 8 + 9
a German TV event from the 80s, called "Wilder Westen inklusive"

and some books about Teen Movies and the so called Brat Pack.

I still have no Christmas presents, but a few days remain, right?

It's almost incredible, but a friend and i found finally a time for a meeting in the city. We tried this since may.

One unbelievable thing?

It seems my bad knee became normal again.
A few weeks ago i went downstairs and suddenly a really big pain shot through the knee. Like something ripped.

2 Weeks i couldn't walk properly, but now i can walk, take the stairs without any pain. I can even kneel.

Weird, but i can't complain.
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