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After suffer from the stupidty from the day staff (to desinterest to deal with things which are dealable in minutes) i can proclaim:

Vacation. 5 Weeks.

I will do nothing. Nothing, i say (exept some movie/tv show marathon with a friend)

The only thing i will try, is to get rid of the pain in my left shoulder. The arthosis bothers me a lot these days.
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Yesterday i  ”stole” this from lovecanbesostrange on Tumblr:

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I’m home again.

I've  unpacked and prepared for todays first worknight.

The next thing is delivering some forms (surprise) to the employer, my MD and the insurance and i’m done.

Next possible reha in 4 years.

Now i’m looking forward to September vacation.

From September 1st to October 5th (Yay!), but since 6th and 7th October is the annual “sleep in the kitchen under the table and be bugged by 2 annoying cats” weekend aka meeting with a bunch of strange people (plus lovecanbesostrange and Flusendieb), i try to get this weekend off.

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I bought something after a long time of not spending money for "useless" stuff.

I pre ordered the "Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One - Avengers Assembled (10-Disc Limited Edition Six-Movie Collector's Set) [Blu-ray] "

With 36% discount. I'm pleased
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I've got definitely not an extension and next week i'm heading home.

I informed my direct boss (she's happy) already and get used to it.

But whatever. Ony 17 worknights and i'm out for a leave. 5 weeks.

Yay me.

Next reha should be possible in 4-5 years.
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Happy Birthday, Mews
I hope you have a great day and enjoys it very much.

I don't have a pic or something.
Only the hope that you can celebrate many more B-days in health and well being
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The first week is almost over.
I've seen the MD this morning and it seems: No extension for me.
Only 3 weeks

Maybe i get a surprise next week, but i doesn't hold my breath.

That is the negative side of not been sick since 2009.

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Today was the first day without heavy rain and i went outside.
The first time since Tuesday.

I met a fellow patient, who also arrived this week and we talked
The guy walks with 2 crutches and i asked why.
Well, he is a paraglider and he "screwed his start up", crashed and broke both tibial plateaus.

Holy Cow.

Apart from that: This town with it's many many clinics is a real big retirement home.
Never seen so much old folks outside my job (and i live within 3 residences at home)
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Hi there.

I’m alive (barely).

I arrived yesterday and had my medical exam.

The first thing the MD decided: Only 10 KE per day for me. That’s quite a diet.

After that he pescribed the activities and the therapy:

Surprisingly very few exersises. Gym, Watergymastics, 2 Gymnasicgroups and Ergometer.

But many threatments. Microwave, Shortwave, Electrotherapy and Interference (no clue what this is) among other things.

Also many many lectures.

Today was quite hectic already. 6.50 am!!! blood taking (the nure tried and after several attempts she succeeded. Yay), weight checking.

After breakfast similar dutys at almost the same time. A clone would be useful.

The first lecture and water gym.

Now i’m waiting for lunch and the first interference session.

After this the first gym session and i’m good for today.

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So, the Reha starts tomorrow, my mother and i are on speaking terms again  (we had a fight and she clearly crossed a line) and i'm like Japeth the Goat from Hoodwinked: Prepared.

Large Trolley, small Suitcase, Laptop Bag and DVD Bag are ready, the Car is ready too and my Navi is programmed.

I totally share my pain about early rising and intense exercises with you.

So long
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After filling out a mountain of paperwork, the rehab is starting next week.

At least 3 weeks full of sport, therapy (i really hope for massages) and rush (usually they fix the appointments really close to another and at the opposite side of the building).

Now i'm packing bags and try not to overpack
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Yay, the Federal Pension Fund approved and i have the orthopedic reha.

In July, at least 3 weeks.
That kills the shedule at work, but i don't care anymore
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Hell, pure hell, i tell you.

2/2 is almost normal by now. That's why one after another is calling in sick.
It's also vacation time. Almost everybody is gone.

The rest is at the breaking point.
Monday are only 2 persons in the whole area and the superors seems to give a shit.

I refuse to fill in. I'm dead on my feet too.

I apllied for a rehab because of my orthopedic problems. If it's approved, i'm also out.
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Today a neighbor realized the fact, that he shouldn't drive a car anymore. 
He drove backward instead forward and ran over his metal garden fence with massive metal door.
He tore the foundation from it's moorings.

The car is totaled.

The guy is 92 years old and i feared somthing like this happens someday.
But i could be so much worse. He could ran over some child or something.
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Earlier today i went to the gym. After that i ran some errands without changing clothes.
I dressed with camouflage pants and black t shirt.

In the nearby village i passed a campaign for the elections in a few days from the NPD. This is the Nazi Party.
And because i'm dressed as i was, they assumed i'm a fellow sympathizer. I am definitive not.

I told them so. Not in a friendly way.

In the future i will dress differently.
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Quite boring these days.

I'm not often at work, because i worked so much extra hours ( in the region of 100 hours) and now i'm able to take some time off, before the hell begins again (staringt this month. Oh Boy!)

Last week i visited the mall and went to "Build a Bear". I strolled through the store and found a Bear who was a very detailed version of "Finn" fom Glee. Jeans, sneakers, white longarm undershirt and a blue/white shirt over this.
As a detail: Drumsticks in both paws. I was very amused and had almost buyed it. But ca 75€ were way to much.
Some Day i build a "Dave" bear. This is too much pun with the whole Bear Cub thing than to miss this oppurtunity.
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Never had such a quiet Easter.
Nobody's Home and i watch Spartacus: Blood and Sand on my very new 50" Plasma TV with the wonderful DVD/BD Player (now i know, hating Usher in HD is much more fun).

I hope you all had a great Holiday yourself.  Happy residual Easter.
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This is a post without any work rant. I have not the energy for it.

Now a little boasting: I bought a new DVD/BD Player, after my old DVD Player died an awful loud death. It arrived yesterday. The thing is codefree and multiregion
One problem: I need a new TV now. My old one isn't a HD one and there is a serious lack of HDMI port.

So, i go and buy one next week, so i can watch finally my only US BD. It's Faculty, by the way.  I bought it and it get dusty since then. I can't wait to hate Usher in HD.

I bought some things:

SG-1 Season 9
Tucker & Dale vs Evil
The Mist - Limited Collectors Edition
Gladiator - 10th Anniversary Edition
Black Hawk Down
Doctor Who: Series 1-4 Collection
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Aaand another proof that my employer is dumb.

I think i mentioned that some loons stole a key ring with master keys and that the car from a coworker was stolen too. Ok.

After that the front door locks and the office locks were replaced and we had two keys in the night. One for front door/office and the other for the rooms of the residents.

Now, we noticed the new keys were useless and the old keys worked everywere again. We mentiond this to a coworker who asked.

Guess what? They changed the locks again! Why? Well, the new locks were only leased and the lease expired and the old ones were installed again.

No one mentioned this to us. No one!

It is so very calming to have such a competent employer....not.
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Guess what!

Our Queen of  the sick call, called in sick saturday. We run 2/2 again.
This happens a lot these days, because others are real sick.

She has a new reason, finally. We mob her.
This came into her mind after she learned some of the others partied at carnival and she was not invited. Poor gal.
We are not even capable of such thing. She's rarely around.

Beside this, she made really clear that she doesn't care about the team. Now this?
It's clearly her new reason for lazy days at home and sniff coke
I ask myself why she fought her dismissals she got in the past so vehemently.

This sucks really big time.

Now to something completely different:

I lost more weight. Since i start with Victoza, i lost around 10 lb. This make 37lb less since my weight peak. A new wardrobe is due again.


I bought again:

Sucker Punch - Extended Cut
Red Riding Hood
The Pillars of the Earth
Stargate Universe - Season 1

This month i visit a DVD/BD "Con" in Muenster and we will see if i find something interesting. I'm looking forward for it. 
I also meet a group of friends, again, after a big fight few years ago i had with some of them.
I wonder how it goes, because it was nasty.
Well, we'll see. We are all "reasonable" adults (sort of).

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