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I bought something after a long time of not spending money for "useless" stuff.

I pre ordered the "Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One - Avengers Assembled (10-Disc Limited Edition Six-Movie Collector's Set) [Blu-ray] "

With 36% discount. I'm pleased
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This is a post without any work rant. I have not the energy for it.

Now a little boasting: I bought a new DVD/BD Player, after my old DVD Player died an awful loud death. It arrived yesterday. The thing is codefree and multiregion
One problem: I need a new TV now. My old one isn't a HD one and there is a serious lack of HDMI port.

So, i go and buy one next week, so i can watch finally my only US BD. It's Faculty, by the way.  I bought it and it get dusty since then. I can't wait to hate Usher in HD.

I bought some things:

SG-1 Season 9
Tucker & Dale vs Evil
The Mist - Limited Collectors Edition
Gladiator - 10th Anniversary Edition
Black Hawk Down
Doctor Who: Series 1-4 Collection
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Guess what!

Our Queen of  the sick call, called in sick saturday. We run 2/2 again.
This happens a lot these days, because others are real sick.

She has a new reason, finally. We mob her.
This came into her mind after she learned some of the others partied at carnival and she was not invited. Poor gal.
We are not even capable of such thing. She's rarely around.

Beside this, she made really clear that she doesn't care about the team. Now this?
It's clearly her new reason for lazy days at home and sniff coke
I ask myself why she fought her dismissals she got in the past so vehemently.

This sucks really big time.

Now to something completely different:

I lost more weight. Since i start with Victoza, i lost around 10 lb. This make 37lb less since my weight peak. A new wardrobe is due again.


I bought again:

Sucker Punch - Extended Cut
Red Riding Hood
The Pillars of the Earth
Stargate Universe - Season 1

This month i visit a DVD/BD "Con" in Muenster and we will see if i find something interesting. I'm looking forward for it. 
I also meet a group of friends, again, after a big fight few years ago i had with some of them.
I wonder how it goes, because it was nasty.
Well, we'll see. We are all "reasonable" adults (sort of).

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I started watching Sherlock. What can i say, besides: Jeremy Brett isn't my favourite Holmes anymore.
I really like how Cumberbatch is , and Freeman as Watson too,  presenting the character(s).

Funny little running gag, the gay or not gay assuming from the surrounding Characters.
I think it's not even a subtext anymore.

The cases are very thrilling, and really good transported in present time.

Only the last episode is left for me to watch, but i wait till the Season 2 Box arrived, because i need subtitles. Holmes talks (and think) to fast and i understand nothing.

So i buyed:

Sherlock Season 2
Entourage Season 1
Shameless (UK Version) Season 1-5
Robin Hood (BBC Version) Season 3

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Father is still in the Hospital.
They drained his lungs. 1litre fluid they got, but he's better and he can leave next week, it seems.

I found a very good friend from school  in the net and now we write a lot.
After 20 years there is a lot of news and gossip to share.

New purchases:

Stargate SG-1  Season 10
House Season 4
Tropical Heat Season 1
Scrubs Season 7

Newsies (Collectors Edition)
and a few German TV Classics from the 80s

Can anybody recommend a good page like "Hide my Ass"?
HmA doesn't work sometimes.
I had another one, but it dissapeared.

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I know it's boring, but i repeat:
Work is madness. But now at the day. The Nightteam seems ok at this time (knock on wood).

A few new coworkers start not long ago at some specific area. One of the, a trained nurse was forced to work her area alone. At her very first day. They gave her a instruction sheet and: let's go. Work!  For this she quit her former job.

At Friday night a few collegues called in sick and another new one was entirely alone at afternoon shift. Other areas helped her out, but she was entirely overwelmed. It helped nothing, that even then  someone died. At my arrival she sat at the desk and had a good cry. Understandable.

I took over, the physician came and recorded the dead, but he took his time. The widow had also the need for a chat and i ran out of time for my first medical round. It became a bit hectic at the end.

I buyed again:

Spooks Season 8 + 9
a German TV event from the 80s, called "Wilder Westen inklusive"

and some books about Teen Movies and the so called Brat Pack.

I still have no Christmas presents, but a few days remain, right?

It's almost incredible, but a friend and i found finally a time for a meeting in the city. We tried this since may.

One unbelievable thing?

It seems my bad knee became normal again.
A few weeks ago i went downstairs and suddenly a really big pain shot through the knee. Like something ripped.

2 Weeks i couldn't walk properly, but now i can walk, take the stairs without any pain. I can even kneel.

Weird, but i can't complain.

Buy Time

Nov. 6th, 2011 07:29 pm
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The last few weeks i bought nothing.

Now i bought 8 Seasons Stargate SG-1.
7 Seasons of them as a collection on 50 dvd's with a pretty connected backcover picture.

Today i bought the complete box from Dawson's Creek.
I never saw it on tv and for several reasons i'm willing to give it a try.

I'm totally beat. Work is insane. Several coworkers are sick. A few of them for a longer time.
Today i make an extra shift and my knee cracked so loud a few nights ago, my coworker across the room was able to hear it. But it still works ok.

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

Oh, one thing.

This morning, the dayshift complains the fact, that i work to good. At least this is my interpretation.
I use stronger material for the incontinent folks and they think it's a waste of material.

They are never satisfied. Their loss


Sep. 7th, 2011 04:09 pm
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I'm on my vacation time.
5 Weeks without any insanity..

Thank God.

The last few weeks?

Aaaaand now: Relax

I've bought something:

A TV Show including Hugh Laurie, as a MD, a few years bh (before House)

Dr. Slippery - Fortysomething


Aug. 31st, 2011 07:01 pm
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My Orthopedist lessened my pain medication.
Now i have to take the meds every other day.

I hope i can handle it.
It's only Ibuprofen and Metamizol, but i take it since 2006 already.

We decreased it fom 3 (up to 5)  pills a day and Metamizol from 30 - 60 drops in 24 h to 30 only if i need it.

I hope someday i need nothing at all.

I look forward for my vacation time in September/October. 35 Days off. Yeah me.

Nothing to do, but loaf around and surf the net.

Ok. I do it all the time anyway, but.. You know what i mean, right? ;)

I bought again:

Hope Springs
Rerturn to Cranford
Whitechapel Season 2

I decided to buy a Tablet PC.
(My e book reader ( i tried a few ) couldn't satisfy my reading needs. They are to slow, they doesn't sort the things like i need them), but not until next year.

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Amazon offered me things and i couldn't resist.

I preordered:

Point Break (BD)

Bunraku (BD) Yes, they finally release it

Spartacus 2 - Gods of the Arena

And i randomly remembered a movie i've seen long time ago.
It called "Far Off Place"

I exists on DVD and i bought it instantly.

A mix between adventure, drama, suspense and a very little love story..

The last movie i watched:

Death at a Funeral.

The original UK version.

I don't know if i want to watch the US version, because the UK version was kind of perfect.

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I'm really not a gamer. I never managed go complete trough a game. And i use cheats

Now i bought L.A Noir and i hope for the best (and a big Fire ;)  )

I usually play only GTA and i think i can manage this, because of the similar structure (it's also Rockstar Games)

It's interesting and with suspense. We'll see

I also bought finally Totally Fucked Up by Gregg Araki.

He's a really great Director

My cousin helped with my Computer today and found several virsues and trojans on the thing, but i'm good again. I wonder how i get these shit again and again. I have a Firewall, Scanner and no admin rights on my account i'm allowed to surf onto (I can give them to me).

Well it seems i'm gifted.

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Amazon made me an offer, i couldn't refuse.

The Tour of Duty - The Complete Series Box.

I remember that i loved the show, back in school and me and my friends talked about the current episode all day. after the day it shows in tv.

Now i must make room for it.
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Yay, i have a 13 day break from work.
After the last few worknights it's very deserved.

After this i work another month and have then the "real" holiday.
5 weeks.

My parents treat me very careful, since last week. It's not necessary., but it's nice.
I asked a few family members and friends about this and all of them knew it and all of them thought that i knew it too.
I think its totally fascinating, that no one said a thing. Never.

Even the demented family members never said a word. My family is worth recruiting for the secret service ;-)

I bought some things:

The Young Ones : Complete BBC Series 1 & 2
Classic Sci-Fi Collection : Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers / Thing From Another World / Incredible Shrinking Man / This Island Earth / Creature From The Black Lagoon / It Came From Outer Space


High School Musical 1-3

I like the Movies. There nonsense, but somehow fun.

The FOX shop sucks. It delivered only to the US and i really like to buy some shirts.
A real bummer

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Work still sucks.

It will suck the whole summer, it seems.

We have a new couple on a living area.
They found each other and they shag  what the pacemaker give away.

Why not, right?

Ther weather kills me. I live under the roof and i bake. Outside are 95° F. My best friend is my fan.

Some new purchases:

The Thing from another World (1951er Version)  This was my very first "Horror" Movie i saw. I was 4.
True Grit (New Version)
The Eagle
Cutting Class (I hope, this version is uncut)
Battle:Los Angeles
13 Assassins
Slaughter High (A new release, with Audio Kommentar a.s.o)


Queer as Folk ( I couldn't decide with one. The UK Version or the US Version. I buyed both complete Boxes)

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Another day, another shit.

The 3rd coworker called in sick. Who's working? Good question.

It's also vacation time. This means another 5 coworkers are unreachable to step in.

I work Sunday extra. That now 5 of us (remember: 2 of us are in the side building).

My current coworker comes Monday, Oherwise there were only 3 of us. That means 1 in the main building. Unaccepteble.
Now that's 4 of us. We need another one to function.

The whole next week looks like this and my head of the nursing service (not my stupid, direkt surperior, she's also sick) pass us the task to find replacement. Do anyone belive i'm capable of reaching anyone on a Friday at 10pm? Beside that's anyone is sick, in vacation, on duty already or whatever.

It's her f*cking job.

We have a new resident. He's only temporary.

But he's only 32 years old. He's lightly mentally retaded and deaf-mute.
No one of us learned sign language.

Our sister resident home, 2 minutes away, is specialized and has plenty coworkers who can sign.

Do anybody also think that's completley pointless?

But that my employer.

Now something completley different:

New purchases:

In Memory Of My Father
Dario Argento's Inferno (BD)
Robin Hood - Season 2 (The British Version  with Armitage)
The Town (BD)


Robin Hood - Limited Collectors Box - 2 Disc Steelbook  (BD)

Buy Time

Jun. 13th, 2011 06:19 pm
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It's (TV) Show Time

Third Watch - Season 1
Rescue Me - Season 1
Rescue Me - Season 2
Rescue Me - Season 3
The Closer - Season 1
Life - Season 2
The Listener - Season 1
Soap - Series 1

and the (very) low budget movie

Dead Hooker In A Trunk

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The guy who i send to the hospital with the few difficulties is back.

Just in time for the fact that I have the area. Yeah me.


He’s still a jerk. A few nights ago he want to use the bedpan. A coworker and me go to work and he demands that we rise the head section of the bed. My coworker asks a bunch of time if it’s high enough.

No. He wants to sit. Ok. Coworker rise the bed till the end and says: That’s the end.

He replied that she’s very rude.

She said barley a word and really not rude.


I could only stare and ask him if he’s serious and I don’t believe him.

We exit the room and I tease my coworker about her rudeness.  He heard it all.


Later we took him of the bedpan and he said nothing at all.


A day later the same thing, but after all he thanked me and wished me a good day.

Eerie, isn’t it?  I almost worry ;)



A coworker from the day told me about another coworker.

The guy told her to apply his urine bottle, but he’s very, very tiny and the coworker  laugh and ask:

Where? I bet you hear that quite often.

He said nothing, but: He’s not inside, yet.

She replied: I bet you hear that often too.


It’s rude, but I laugh hard.

Last purchases:

White Collar Season 1
Beastly (The 14 year old inner me damand it)
Cenury Hotel

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I broke my rule for watching tv shows: "Stay in order and do not watch later episodes"

So i watched the latest US episode of Glee (partly), because i was enormously curious (i don't really watch the show, because of my issues, but i love to read FF and watch some specific pairing and info groups, so i am sort of very rough informed)

A really tearfest.
What a tension.
Cruel fuckers.

And meanwhile i have great compassion with poor Dave.
I have my own theory about the next episode and it's title, measured by his  face and his actions.

Let's hope for the best that my sick imagination is wrong.

Recently i had a meeting at work.
The group of persons with a disabled person's pass met and talked about latest issues and stuff.

I received many compliments about my weight loss. Some people hadn't seen me in years.
It makes me proud a little bit.
My pysician however is still unsatisfied and is scolding, scolding, scolding.

Latest purchases:

First Season Hawaii Five-O as a PreOrder
Season One Nurse Jackie
Season 3 Big Bang Theory
127 Hours PreOrder

and this T-Shirt:

Oh: And my SG-1 Complete Box hasn't arrived yet. It seems, its got "lost".
Nowhere a possibility for contact. The only wise advice from the Amazon Help Site:
When it hasn't arrived at a specific date: Wait longer.


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I've bought again

Giant (2-Disc SE)
(I totally love that movie)

The Price of Egypt
(The scene when they cross the red sea and the lightning shows a shadow of a whale? Goosebumbs)

(A friend rec it. I trust in her taste. Period. (Exept her recs for Japanese silly stuff) ;)

And i bought the New Beastie Boys Album "Hot Sauce Committee Part Two"

Great as always. Has anybody seen the Video for "Make some Noise"?

I thought all the time, the guy in the red T shirt looks familiar. It took some time to realize.

Massive Movie Star alert in the entire thing.
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Another day, same old story.

Stupid directly superior and grumpy coworkers.

I told already about, that i mostly work the specific building and not the main building.

I'm sheduled for almost 7 month only for the station 6. Now the superior sheduled me for station 7.
I've told about tis too.

Now my coworkers said, that i said that i like to work the 6. I never said "like". I ever said i don't mind it.

Now they harp on the "like". Even if i said "like", this doesn't mean i want to work the 6 till retirement.

I know what's ths about. The 6 is a shitload of work and no one bothered to work there. In fact, almost everyone refuse to sheduled there.

They shouldn't mess with me. Everytime i can change back in the main building.

Sometimes  it's like Kindergarten.

I've bought again:

A Better Pace
Cop Out

This completed (temporally) my Kevin Smith Collection

Bring it on 1 - 5
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