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I’m home again.

I've  unpacked and prepared for todays first worknight.

The next thing is delivering some forms (surprise) to the employer, my MD and the insurance and i’m done.

Next possible reha in 4 years.

Now i’m looking forward to September vacation.

From September 1st to October 5th (Yay!), but since 6th and 7th October is the annual “sleep in the kitchen under the table and be bugged by 2 annoying cats” weekend aka meeting with a bunch of strange people (plus lovecanbesostrange and Flusendieb), i try to get this weekend off.

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I've got definitely not an extension and next week i'm heading home.

I informed my direct boss (she's happy) already and get used to it.

But whatever. Ony 17 worknights and i'm out for a leave. 5 weeks.

Yay me.

Next reha should be possible in 4-5 years.
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The first week is almost over.
I've seen the MD this morning and it seems: No extension for me.
Only 3 weeks

Maybe i get a surprise next week, but i doesn't hold my breath.

That is the negative side of not been sick since 2009.

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Today was the first day without heavy rain and i went outside.
The first time since Tuesday.

I met a fellow patient, who also arrived this week and we talked
The guy walks with 2 crutches and i asked why.
Well, he is a paraglider and he "screwed his start up", crashed and broke both tibial plateaus.

Holy Cow.

Apart from that: This town with it's many many clinics is a real big retirement home.
Never seen so much old folks outside my job (and i live within 3 residences at home)
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Hi there.

I’m alive (barely).

I arrived yesterday and had my medical exam.

The first thing the MD decided: Only 10 KE per day for me. That’s quite a diet.

After that he pescribed the activities and the therapy:

Surprisingly very few exersises. Gym, Watergymastics, 2 Gymnasicgroups and Ergometer.

But many threatments. Microwave, Shortwave, Electrotherapy and Interference (no clue what this is) among other things.

Also many many lectures.

Today was quite hectic already. 6.50 am!!! blood taking (the nure tried and after several attempts she succeeded. Yay), weight checking.

After breakfast similar dutys at almost the same time. A clone would be useful.

The first lecture and water gym.

Now i’m waiting for lunch and the first interference session.

After this the first gym session and i’m good for today.

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So, the Reha starts tomorrow, my mother and i are on speaking terms again  (we had a fight and she clearly crossed a line) and i'm like Japeth the Goat from Hoodwinked: Prepared.

Large Trolley, small Suitcase, Laptop Bag and DVD Bag are ready, the Car is ready too and my Navi is programmed.

I totally share my pain about early rising and intense exercises with you.

So long

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