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I started watching Sherlock. What can i say, besides: Jeremy Brett isn't my favourite Holmes anymore.
I really like how Cumberbatch is , and Freeman as Watson too,  presenting the character(s).

Funny little running gag, the gay or not gay assuming from the surrounding Characters.
I think it's not even a subtext anymore.

The cases are very thrilling, and really good transported in present time.

Only the last episode is left for me to watch, but i wait till the Season 2 Box arrived, because i need subtitles. Holmes talks (and think) to fast and i understand nothing.

So i buyed:

Sherlock Season 2
Entourage Season 1
Shameless (UK Version) Season 1-5
Robin Hood (BBC Version) Season 3

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I just finished the last two episodes fom TWD.

Hell, the last ep was intense. Suspense, suspense.

Despite that the start was quite a clicheè (wake up from a coma and there was a zombie apocalypse. Hello Alice), the rest was fantastic.

Now i watch the Features and face the reality of filmmaking.

Oh no. They show the "We need more guts" scene again.

Anyway. I need the Comics for sure.
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I continued with TWD and saw ep 3 + 4.

First of all: Weeeee, Reedus.

Ha! Shane beating up the Ed was very satisfying.

Wow, ep 4 was sort of heartbreaking. The end was cruel.

The gang running the nursing home? I didn't see that coming. But who would?

My first thought when the old women showed up: Awwww the gang had it's headquater at granny's.

The nursing home was unexpected but touching.

The next episodes tomorrow.
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I've watched the first two episodes from The Walking Dead. Season 1.

Awesome. Simply awesome.
Never seen such graphic violence in a tv show

During this zombie hacking in ep 2 i was slightly sick: "we need more guts"

I think, I manage it and watch the rest of season 1 and continue further, despite my recently developed manner to lost interest in watching and start reading fiction instead.

PS: He lied to the poor horse. It never met other horses.

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Well, i gave Rent a shot and now i remember again that i don't even like musicals.

The story is great, i like the characters and i feel for all of them, but there was way too much singing (for me).
Even for a musical.

Out of all the musical numbers i liked only two songs: Today for you, tomorrow for me and Seasons of Love.

I was first a little irritated by the cast. I only know Jesse L Martin from L&O and it got me by surprise and the last time i've seen Anthony Rapp was in Adventures in Babysitting.

Basically a great movie, only not my type of thing

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I've seen "The Princess Bride" for the first time.
What a shame i waited so long.

This was incredibly hilarious. I'm easily to amuse, for sure, but during the scenes with Wesley and his weakness i laughed my ass off.

(And i absolutely prefer the Fire Swamp to the Bog of Eternal Stench from Labyrinth)

At last now i know the source of some quotes i heard all over the years.

Now i'm off, watching the disc with the features.
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Last night i found a Bunraku Download and couldn't resist.

Now i can say: WTF?

This shit confused me a bit. The look and style is incredible, but the story is weird.

A cowboy type (Hartnett) without a gun ( abolished) and a japanese guy (Gackt [ i saw a few concerts, he's strange]). without a sword,  fighting against a gang and it's killers, before they fight the gangs boss for revenge or something.

Like i said, it's weird, but i really, really loved the swordfights. McKidd is cool as shit and i wonder how he keeps his glasses at place without sides.
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Amazon offered me things and i couldn't resist.

I preordered:

Point Break (BD)

Bunraku (BD) Yes, they finally release it

Spartacus 2 - Gods of the Arena

And i randomly remembered a movie i've seen long time ago.
It called "Far Off Place"

I exists on DVD and i bought it instantly.

A mix between adventure, drama, suspense and a very little love story..

The last movie i watched:

Death at a Funeral.

The original UK version.

I don't know if i want to watch the US version, because the UK version was kind of perfect.

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The last Movie i’ve watched was a German sort of Road Movie, called „Vincent will Meer“ (I would it translate like “Vincent want’s the sea)


Vincent is a young man with the Tourette Syndrome, who lives with his divorced,  alcoholic Mom.

She died and Vince’s father, a Politican, put him in a Institution.

He met an anorexic woman and a guy with compulsion neurosis.

The three run of with the car from their Therapist.

Vince, who has a candy box with his Mom’s ashes, would like scatter the ash in the ocean at a place in Italy. Wich was his mothers favourite place.


The three were followed by the Therapist and Vince’s father, who is concerned about his reputation.

In the progress of the journey, the three bond and Vince and the anorexic Woman fall in love.

Also the father and the therapist bond a little and she tries to help the father to cope with his feelings.


The three “fugitives” reach the place in Italy and the father and the Therapist caught up, but something  happens, but father and son conciliate and scatter Mom together.

Almost everyone makes progress and the father manages to trust his son and release him a bit.




The Movie has the perfect balance. It’s neither entirely a comedy, nor a drama and remains despite the typical romcom ingridiances very much reality.

So doesn’t heal love the anorexia.


I doesn’t really like german productions, but  this is an exeption.

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The last movie i’ve watched was St Trinian’s.


St Trinian’s is a boarding school for  young ladies. It’s quite anarchistic and almost bankrupt.

The new Minister of Education, Geoffrey Thwaites, (Colin Firth)  will bring it down, but he doesn’t realize that the headmistress  Ms Fritton(Rupert Everett) is his old love.

That brings the best dialoge  between those to, when they meet for the first time since ever: 

Ms Fritton: Another Time…..

Geoffrey:  Another Country…. 

It’s hilarious, because Firth can’t almost hold a straight face.

(At this point I recommend  “Another Country”.  This Movie from ’84 based on the live of Guy Burgess and is a masterpiece.)



The movie starts when Annabelle Fritton being admitted to the school.  She’s quite snotty and thinks she doesn’t belong there. Anabelle meets the head girl and get introduced to the different groups and cliques.

After a few hard days  she overhears, when her father  Mr Fritton (Ms Frittons Brother and also played by Rupert Everett) speak  about how he thinks Annabel doesn't fit in with the family.

Later that day Mrs Fritton talks to Annabel and makes her a part of the family and the school and gets her to release her anger.

Meanwhile Geoffrey Thwaites is inspecting the school and the bank is threatening the school with closure.


The student body learns abot the financial situation and the threat of closing the school.

They plotting to steal the painting  “The girl with a pearl earring” during the finals of "School Challenge" and sells it to Annabelles father.

They succeed, but Mr Fritton gets a copy, while the real one which has been returned under the cover of St Trinians finding it.

They get the reward and save the school.



Great Movie and Colin gets wet again.

Things i've bought:

Wilfred (australian original) Season 1+2
The King's Speech (pre order)
Of Mice and Men
The Notebook
While You Were Sleeping
Get Down
Boa vs Python

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I just watched Pride and Prejudice.
The version from 2005 with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen.

This version is my favorite one.

Surely the 95er version is very, very great, but it's too formal and stiff for my taste. (Did anyone noticed, that Colin Firth get wet in almost every movie he had made, since then?)

Just too close to Jane Austens style..
I must confess, i don't really like her books, but i love the transformation of her work into movies. I have almost all available.

The cast kicks ass. Judie Dench is a goddess, Brenda Blethyn is a wonderful nagger. Donald Sutherland rules anyway. His patience is wonderful.

Keira Knightley is made for such period dramas. It's her grace.

Matthew Macfadyen express more feelings with one eyebrow, or facial expression than with words. I'm a big fan, since.

Did you know, that there are diffrent endings in the european and the american release?

The european version ends after the chat between Lizzie and Mr B. Lizzie exits and Mr. B asks, if there candidates for the other daughters out there. He's in a good mood.

The other version continued with the kissing scene on the terrace.

Don't know why. It seems we need not so much romance in our movies. Damn the man
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I just started watching Glee.

This is awesome. I had really no idea.

It had me after the first 10 minutes of the first episode.

I really have a knack for discover things late.
Usually at least 20 years.

Hey, I'm really well in time.
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Special Dead

Nearby Camp Special Dude , a summer camp for disabled persons, a hiker drinks water from a dubious source of water and turns immediately into a Zombie and bites his companion.


Meanwhile at the camp all takes it’s course.  Machiavelli, a chaperon,  shag all the female staff, the handicapped drool around and a young black guy asks himself where he is.  Technically his destination should be a boot camp. Wrong bus.


Towards evening a few people disappear and the head of the camp has a idea what’s happen.

Zombies.  He experienced something like this already.

He and Machiavelli roam the camp.

In the meantime the rest of the staff and the disabled make music at the bonfire.

When the Zombies attack there are many victims. The survivors plan the escape.

With the Horses? Hell no. There are also Zombies by now. No fun.

The Bus? Nah. It’s broken.

The Van? No. Two camp residents play mechanics. Shit.

Then just walk.

Walk and fight the Zombies with content from the nerby barn and persistence



It’s an indipendent  Zombie  Movie.  Very, very low budget.

The Zombie masks are simple dirt in the face and the visual is quite dark and grainy.

It makes a lot of fun anyway.

It contents also a little love story, that's why he fits in today ;)

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I've watched  Totally Awesome

A spoof of all the classic 80s Teen Films

The  Gundersons move from Pittsburgh to California.

Charlie and Lorie, the Gunderson kids went to school and the typical 80s stuff happened.

Charlie fell in love with the popular girl. Her popular boyfriend challenge Charlie to a athletic competition. Charlie need training and gets his training from the mysterious Japanese guy.

He gets a buddy in another girl, who loves him secretly, but helps him with the popular girl

Besides that, he try to be cool and get this training from a breakdancing  black guy, who gives him a cream to get Charlie’s tan a bit darker for experience in racism.

Meanwhile Lorie, who love to dance, learns that dancing is forbidden (someone loose a foot once) and gets desperate.

She meet the Janitor , who is a great dancer and agree to teach Lorie in secret with his group of dancers.

She gets in the head dancer an enemy, but replaced her after an accident, fell in love with the janitor  and at the end, at the great athletic competition, things will turn out well.


A total crazy thing, narrated by Ben Stein

When you know the original 80’s flicks, you love this film.

You can make constantly another  discovery

From Footloose and Some Kind of Wonderful (one of my favourites) to Better off Dead and Revenge of the Nerds (and many more), you get it all.

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I've watched today:

Wild Child


Poppy, a spoiled rich L.A. girl, overacts with her snotty behavior.  Her dad act on his former threats and send her on a boarding school in the UK.

At her arrival, she’s horrified.  She act very maladjusted and gets in the “Head Girl” an enemy  as a result.

Nevertheless she found friends in her roommates, who are willing to help to get her expelled.

To this effect she trows herself on the son of the Dean, who is certainly strictly “Off Limits”.

What with one thing and another, the two develop feelings for each other and Poppy likes to stay.


after | afterward | afterwards | later | later on | subsequently

© Princeton University

An intrigue starts subsequently,  Poppy gets in trouble and try to prove her innocence.







Teen flicks are my guilty pleasure.  I can’t get enough of them.

They doesn’t surprise me anymore, but I like to watch the way until the happy end.

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Another day, another movie.

I've watched today

Dead Snow

This is a Norwegian movie about Nazi Zombies. Or Zombie Nazis? Who knows.

Definately undead.


7 med students are on vacation in a lonely mountain cabin. They have fun, but 1 girl,  owner of the cabin, doesn’t  appear.  1 of the students search for her.

Suddenly  a stranger emerges and warns the group about the history of the area.

In WW2 a group Nazis were stationed in the nearby town and torture the locals .

Someday  the locals  get revenge, kill a few Nazis and the rest of them fled into the Mountains.

Of course: The  Mountains  were possessed by pure evil and the Nazis became undead.


No one believes  the stranger and he left. While one student search for the missing girl, the rest is partying, have sex and a real good time.


Suddenly the undead Nazis attack and the group is fighting for their lives.

This includes, among other things,  a chainsaw. Managed in original Evil dead pose.

Ash would be proud.


Despite the fact that this is a low budget thing, it’s really entertaining.

Especially  one student. He’s a movie fan and knows: If you been bitten by a zombie, cut off the part of the body.

His friend get the advice and cut off his arm, but just a moment later he’s been bitten in the balls.

My advise: Watch it and enjoy the fun.

So. In 45 minutes runs Black Hawk Down in PayTV and i get my Fichtner dose. Wuppie.

Of course beside other needed don't know...Sizemore?


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God, i'm tired.

4 nights finished, 2 to make. I hate the 6er.

I needed a no-brainer and i've watched "Linie 1"

Thats the movie version of a very succesful german musical.

It's set in the subway system of the 80s Berlin

The province girl Sunny comes to Berlin, in search of Johnny. Johnny's a rock musician and had a gig in Sunny's town. They had a one nighter and she falls in love. But he gave her a false address and she's lost at "Bahnhof Zoo"

She met "Bambi" a Punk. He promised her to track Johnny down.
She also met "Kleister" and "Lumpi" two fellow Punks from "Bambi"

In the further progress she manage with various people in the subway. Homeless folks, poor retired persons,
depressed girls etc.

She make friends and must fend a pimp of, who drugged her.

"Bambi" really tracked Johnny down, but suddenly "Lumpi" committed suicide.

Finally Sunny met Johnny and she realizes some things.

At the end she and "Kleister" stroll into the sunset. They are suddenly in love.

Some silly shit.
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The nights without the Reader i've read a book.

"You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried" One of the latest books about John Hughes (R.I.P) and the "Brat Pack"

Very interesting, very readable. It answered questions i had since the 80's (god, i'm old)

Today i watched The Breakfast Club the 174th time. Yes i have a list.

I heard last year it exsits a special cut, only for US TV.
Without the drug scene and with other scenes to fill in.

I would love to know the difference.

Can somebody enlighten me?

Somebdy know a source to buy this version?

I hoped "they" release some kind of Directors Cut after Hughes passed away. He was the only one with the complete uncut Version. 3 Hours, if i'm not mistaken.

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