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Yay, the Federal Pension Fund approved and i have the orthopedic reha.

In July, at least 3 weeks.
That kills the shedule at work, but i don't care anymore
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Hell, pure hell, i tell you.

2/2 is almost normal by now. That's why one after another is calling in sick.
It's also vacation time. Almost everybody is gone.

The rest is at the breaking point.
Monday are only 2 persons in the whole area and the superors seems to give a shit.

I refuse to fill in. I'm dead on my feet too.

I apllied for a rehab because of my orthopedic problems. If it's approved, i'm also out.
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Aaand another proof that my employer is dumb.

I think i mentioned that some loons stole a key ring with master keys and that the car from a coworker was stolen too. Ok.

After that the front door locks and the office locks were replaced and we had two keys in the night. One for front door/office and the other for the rooms of the residents.

Now, we noticed the new keys were useless and the old keys worked everywere again. We mentiond this to a coworker who asked.

Guess what? They changed the locks again! Why? Well, the new locks were only leased and the lease expired and the old ones were installed again.

No one mentioned this to us. No one!

It is so very calming to have such a competent employer....not.
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Guess what!

Our Queen of  the sick call, called in sick saturday. We run 2/2 again.
This happens a lot these days, because others are real sick.

She has a new reason, finally. We mob her.
This came into her mind after she learned some of the others partied at carnival and she was not invited. Poor gal.
We are not even capable of such thing. She's rarely around.

Beside this, she made really clear that she doesn't care about the team. Now this?
It's clearly her new reason for lazy days at home and sniff coke
I ask myself why she fought her dismissals she got in the past so vehemently.

This sucks really big time.

Now to something completely different:

I lost more weight. Since i start with Victoza, i lost around 10 lb. This make 37lb less since my weight peak. A new wardrobe is due again.


I bought again:

Sucker Punch - Extended Cut
Red Riding Hood
The Pillars of the Earth
Stargate Universe - Season 1

This month i visit a DVD/BD "Con" in Muenster and we will see if i find something interesting. I'm looking forward for it. 
I also meet a group of friends, again, after a big fight few years ago i had with some of them.
I wonder how it goes, because it was nasty.
Well, we'll see. We are all "reasonable" adults (sort of).

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Here we go again.

Last Christmas Friday a coworker newer showed up.  We doesn't noticed that, because she's always late and she was sheduled for the other building.
Eventually the other coworker in this building noticed an infomed us in the main building.

We called the absent one and ask her why don't she showed up.

She thought she had the day off, because she had so much extra hours. She forgot to register or mention this and now she doesn't feel for work and she refuse to show up.

Ok. For that i gave her a sick day in the books. She was not pleased.
She's lucky that i not call our head of nursing service.

Well. i send the third person to the other building and worked the main building with a co worker alone.

The other day the absent one from yesterday showed up as nothing happened.
I avoid her, or i lost it.

Next thing

An old lady complained about pain in her left leg. I would gave her her extra pain meds, but these were discontinued from the MD (I gave her nevertheless something, but pssst)

I informed the morning shift and the guy said something like this: The pain is only in her head. Don't pay attention.
Well. Even that sort of pain is pain anmd need attention. Ok.

Yesterday i was informed that the old lady is transferred to the Hospital. This morning she complained a lot and they send her away for x ray.

What can i say? They diagnosed a fracture of the femur neck. She broke her leg as a result of a fall weeks!! ago. She was never sent away for x ray, despised her complaines of pain, or inability to stand.

I'm seriously pissed and i'm very "sorry" that i have my days off, otherwise i would say to the dayshift guy (who word the afternoon today) a thing or two.

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I know it's boring, but i repeat:
Work is madness. But now at the day. The Nightteam seems ok at this time (knock on wood).

A few new coworkers start not long ago at some specific area. One of the, a trained nurse was forced to work her area alone. At her very first day. They gave her a instruction sheet and: let's go. Work!  For this she quit her former job.

At Friday night a few collegues called in sick and another new one was entirely alone at afternoon shift. Other areas helped her out, but she was entirely overwelmed. It helped nothing, that even then  someone died. At my arrival she sat at the desk and had a good cry. Understandable.

I took over, the physician came and recorded the dead, but he took his time. The widow had also the need for a chat and i ran out of time for my first medical round. It became a bit hectic at the end.

I buyed again:

Spooks Season 8 + 9
a German TV event from the 80s, called "Wilder Westen inklusive"

and some books about Teen Movies and the so called Brat Pack.

I still have no Christmas presents, but a few days remain, right?

It's almost incredible, but a friend and i found finally a time for a meeting in the city. We tried this since may.

One unbelievable thing?

It seems my bad knee became normal again.
A few weeks ago i went downstairs and suddenly a really big pain shot through the knee. Like something ripped.

2 Weeks i couldn't walk properly, but now i can walk, take the stairs without any pain. I can even kneel.

Weird, but i can't complain.
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Business as usual at the job. This means: Everybody is nuts.

Last saturday a coworker forgot her worknight. Thank god the coworker who likes to skip work showed up.

In 3 of 4 nights i was the only trained nurse (3 on a normal night) and switched buildings a few times due to medical duties.

A coworker from the day shift is tranfered in the night, because of the many sick ones in the night team.
I hope we can keep her. She is a busy bee.

The dayshift is incapable and overwhelmed and i'm on the brink for an official complain


Buy Time

Nov. 6th, 2011 07:29 pm
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The last few weeks i bought nothing.

Now i bought 8 Seasons Stargate SG-1.
7 Seasons of them as a collection on 50 dvd's with a pretty connected backcover picture.

Today i bought the complete box from Dawson's Creek.
I never saw it on tv and for several reasons i'm willing to give it a try.

I'm totally beat. Work is insane. Several coworkers are sick. A few of them for a longer time.
Today i make an extra shift and my knee cracked so loud a few nights ago, my coworker across the room was able to hear it. But it still works ok.

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

Oh, one thing.

This morning, the dayshift complains the fact, that i work to good. At least this is my interpretation.
I use stronger material for the incontinent folks and they think it's a waste of material.

They are never satisfied. Their loss
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5 nights at work and it's still madness.

I learned that there was a burglary in september. The burglers took a key ring with master keys.
Police blah blah, the boss knows about and do what?
Nothing, but hired scurity dudes. For 2 nights.

A few nights later: Some strangers enter the office (with one of the master keys), and took the belongings from my coworker. Including her car!

After THAT the boss let change the locks. But only a few, because it's too expensive to change all of them.

I have often the feeling i'm not alone in the building. Now i knows for sure.
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Today is my last day of from my 35 days of vacation. I might just as well stay home for another 5 weeks.

It seems, i'm a desired person at work.
This morning they tried to call me up twice.

It seems they want to start my work earlier. Too bad, but i don't answer my phone.
They know it, but try it again and again.

I'm willing to stay longer or start earlier everytime, but they can aks me during my shift.

So, now i'm enjoy my last lazy day. My last two vacation days are in december and the days for next year are scheduled. Let's hope they passing the inspection from my boss.
To reconcile a team of 16 nightworkers is a hard task.
I used to avoid every school holidays, because of the coworkers with kids, so my planning pass usually. easily.
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I almost forgot.
The 1.10 was an anniversary for me at work.

Now i work 17 years at "my" retirement home.

Back then i was the youngest staff member in the whole building.
I had to work hard for respect, especially from the familiy member of the residents.

I looked younger and nobody took me seriously.

Well, it changed. ;)


Sep. 7th, 2011 04:09 pm
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I'm on my vacation time.
5 Weeks without any insanity..

Thank God.

The last few weeks?

Aaaaand now: Relax

I've bought something:

A TV Show including Hugh Laurie, as a MD, a few years bh (before House)

Dr. Slippery - Fortysomething

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In a former live i must been a wrecking ball.

Last night i broke a wooden bed rail.

I took care of an old resident and suddenly the rail gave a loud crack.

It seems, i must loose a lot of more weght. :)
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Yay, i have a 13 day break from work.
After the last few worknights it's very deserved.

After this i work another month and have then the "real" holiday.
5 weeks.

My parents treat me very careful, since last week. It's not necessary., but it's nice.
I asked a few family members and friends about this and all of them knew it and all of them thought that i knew it too.
I think its totally fascinating, that no one said a thing. Never.

Even the demented family members never said a word. My family is worth recruiting for the secret service ;-)

I bought some things:

The Young Ones : Complete BBC Series 1 & 2
Classic Sci-Fi Collection : Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers / Thing From Another World / Incredible Shrinking Man / This Island Earth / Creature From The Black Lagoon / It Came From Outer Space


High School Musical 1-3

I like the Movies. There nonsense, but somehow fun.

The FOX shop sucks. It delivered only to the US and i really like to buy some shirts.
A real bummer

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Work still sucks.

It will suck the whole summer, it seems.

We have a new couple on a living area.
They found each other and they shag  what the pacemaker give away.

Why not, right?

Ther weather kills me. I live under the roof and i bake. Outside are 95° F. My best friend is my fan.

Some new purchases:

The Thing from another World (1951er Version)  This was my very first "Horror" Movie i saw. I was 4.
True Grit (New Version)
The Eagle
Cutting Class (I hope, this version is uncut)
Battle:Los Angeles
13 Assassins
Slaughter High (A new release, with Audio Kommentar a.s.o)


Queer as Folk ( I couldn't decide with one. The UK Version or the US Version. I buyed both complete Boxes)

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I'm good.

I've managed the crisis at work (with help and cooperation from the others).

Some coworkers shiftet their  workdays, others make extra nights and one forwent of her first vacation day and started directly after work in her holiday.

Now i'm really tired. Next worknight in 4 days

But it's ok.
A resident, very demented, demanded a kiss this night, but i refused, what makes him sad.

I just came back from an appointment at my orthopedist. Now i know why i have so much pain in my knee.

My kneecap shifted and isn't in the middle anymore. I need surgery.
I need to think about it.

Proper walking is overrated.
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Another day, another shit.

The 3rd coworker called in sick. Who's working? Good question.

It's also vacation time. This means another 5 coworkers are unreachable to step in.

I work Sunday extra. That now 5 of us (remember: 2 of us are in the side building).

My current coworker comes Monday, Oherwise there were only 3 of us. That means 1 in the main building. Unaccepteble.
Now that's 4 of us. We need another one to function.

The whole next week looks like this and my head of the nursing service (not my stupid, direkt surperior, she's also sick) pass us the task to find replacement. Do anyone belive i'm capable of reaching anyone on a Friday at 10pm? Beside that's anyone is sick, in vacation, on duty already or whatever.

It's her f*cking job.

We have a new resident. He's only temporary.

But he's only 32 years old. He's lightly mentally retaded and deaf-mute.
No one of us learned sign language.

Our sister resident home, 2 minutes away, is specialized and has plenty coworkers who can sign.

Do anybody also think that's completley pointless?

But that my employer.

Now something completley different:

New purchases:

In Memory Of My Father
Dario Argento's Inferno (BD)
Robin Hood - Season 2 (The British Version  with Armitage)
The Town (BD)


Robin Hood - Limited Collectors Box - 2 Disc Steelbook  (BD)

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Still kindergarten at work.

I felt the need to join in and told some people what i think of them and their actions.
They were surprised, because i usually stay out of this.

Well, my direct superior is incompetent, but she doesn't deserve the way they treat her.

Then i told one of them, that she's a troublemaker who stoke up little fires and when the shit hits the fan, she dissapears and is pleased about the damage.

Some people....

Some positive things:

I lost more weight. 34 lb.

Another 13 and i reach my first goal (under 220lb)

I can buy clothes in smaller sizes already.
I must get accustomed to the fact, that i not grab automatically  the largest items. Especially online.
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The guy who i send to the hospital with the few difficulties is back.

Just in time for the fact that I have the area. Yeah me.


He’s still a jerk. A few nights ago he want to use the bedpan. A coworker and me go to work and he demands that we rise the head section of the bed. My coworker asks a bunch of time if it’s high enough.

No. He wants to sit. Ok. Coworker rise the bed till the end and says: That’s the end.

He replied that she’s very rude.

She said barley a word and really not rude.


I could only stare and ask him if he’s serious and I don’t believe him.

We exit the room and I tease my coworker about her rudeness.  He heard it all.


Later we took him of the bedpan and he said nothing at all.


A day later the same thing, but after all he thanked me and wished me a good day.

Eerie, isn’t it?  I almost worry ;)



A coworker from the day told me about another coworker.

The guy told her to apply his urine bottle, but he’s very, very tiny and the coworker  laugh and ask:

Where? I bet you hear that quite often.

He said nothing, but: He’s not inside, yet.

She replied: I bet you hear that often too.


It’s rude, but I laugh hard.

Last purchases:

White Collar Season 1
Beastly (The 14 year old inner me damand it)
Cenury Hotel

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Last night i heard a strange yell, while i wrote my paperwork. It sound as if someone where in deep trouble or pain.
I had the fear another person jump out of the window and weeps on the ground (Last year i found an old women in the bushes at the bottom of the building. She was dead already).

Anyway. I searched the corridors, i went on a balcony and listen. Nothing.

I went and get my coworker to search outside.

We found the source of the noise. It came from the second floor.

Back in the house and went to the room. We knock and enter.

The resident was ok. He listened to classical music and "sang" along.
He sounds like a dying cat.

I should start to write a book.
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