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I discovered today, that my car was due for MOT. A year ago.

What happens if the police checked me?
I doesn't bear to thought of it.

Now the car is in the garage and tomorrow i get a new sticker.


Oct. 25th, 2011 06:45 pm
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Wow, i'm dumb.

I managed it and shifted my bad kneecap a littel bit further.

I put the dustbin back in it's box and tried to help with a knee and used the bad one.

It is very nice, when the pain lessen.

No pain in the moment, but the knee itself looks interesting now
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I almost forgot.
The 1.10 was an anniversary for me at work.

Now i work 17 years at "my" retirement home.

Back then i was the youngest staff member in the whole building.
I had to work hard for respect, especially from the familiy member of the residents.

I looked younger and nobody took me seriously.

Well, it changed. ;)
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I'm not sure if i found it funny or not.

First a little explaining.

In Germany Glee is not a very big issue like in the US. People watch it and it had fans, but not in the form you know.

Now, germany's tv is as usual behind 1 year at least. So we are in Season 2.

Tonight they broadcast  episode 6 and there was, of course, promos.

Did they include the locker room "exchange" between Kurt and Dave in your promos?

Here they do.

Is it me, or isn't this a very important moment and shouldn't be spoilered?

Yeah, we are very behind, but not every person knows the progress of the Show and it's storys.

This is not the first time things like this happened.

Many years ago the TV Guide spoilered Twin Peaks and told everyone who murdered Laura Palmer.

What a scandal at this time.
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Today i wanted to continue to watch Season 1 from Glee, but i discovered one thing.

I had two disc's in the bag with the portable DVD Player, which is stolen and gone.

I thought i had cleard the disc's back in the boxset before the burglary, but i was mistaken.

Ep 12 -17 are gone. I could download the ep's and burn a DVD, that is not the same.

May the burglars be happy with this.

Someday i buy another Boxset.

Shit happens


Sep. 22nd, 2011 01:26 pm
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I have Tickets for  Night of the Proms in December.

Now i looked at the lineup and i'm excited.

One act is the great Alison Moyet.
I'm a fan since the 80s.

Therefor i doesn't mind the rest of the performer, namely Mr Klum (Seal), Nile Rodgers & Chic (I loathe 70s Disco), Stanfour (a Band from Germany with english lyrics) and others

Last year i had tickets for the first time (NOTP exists since 1985) and i saw an elderly woman who turned out as Boy George.  Holy moly the guy is a wreck and he sounded not like himself.
I also saw Cliff Richard and he's apparently without any age.

I'm looking really foreward
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We had an earthquake yesterday.
Around 9 pm there was a little jolt.

Because i live in a former coal mine area,  i assumed that a mine collapsed and this caused the jolt
(It used to happen, that all of a sudden you have a deep hole in your backyard, because one of such mines collapsed)
This is nothing unusual and i'm used to little jumps.

Nothing big happens and nothing was damaged.

This morning the newspapers said, that it was a 4,6 shake.


Aug. 31st, 2011 07:01 pm
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My Orthopedist lessened my pain medication.
Now i have to take the meds every other day.

I hope i can handle it.
It's only Ibuprofen and Metamizol, but i take it since 2006 already.

We decreased it fom 3 (up to 5)  pills a day and Metamizol from 30 - 60 drops in 24 h to 30 only if i need it.

I hope someday i need nothing at all.

I look forward for my vacation time in September/October. 35 Days off. Yeah me.

Nothing to do, but loaf around and surf the net.

Ok. I do it all the time anyway, but.. You know what i mean, right? ;)

I bought again:

Hope Springs
Rerturn to Cranford
Whitechapel Season 2

I decided to buy a Tablet PC.
(My e book reader ( i tried a few ) couldn't satisfy my reading needs. They are to slow, they doesn't sort the things like i need them), but not until next year.

All done

Aug. 19th, 2011 05:54 pm
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Yesterday was a little bit stressfull.

After i discoverd the mess, i called the parents and they decided to come home temporary.

The police arrived soon and the 3 cops made a tour through the house.
The thieves came trough the garden and broke the garden door.
I couldn't believe it, but they push the shutter up, fixed it with the antenna from the little portable radio outside, bend the screen door up and lever up the door.

They opened every drawer and cupboard in the living room, but trashed nothing. They even put gently a few lids from a few bowls on the carpet.

In the hall they pull a few drawers out and throw everything on the floor. I doesn't know that my mom own so much scarfs.

In the office they open all drawers again and found money.

The bedroom was the worst. They throw everything out on the floor (even emptied the hamper).
An intresting fact: They throw all on the floor in fact, but quite decent.

They put it all in a heap, but almost everything was still neatly folded.

Upstairs, in my apartment, they opened all drawers and cupboards in the livingroom, the hall and the bedroom and found very, very unfortunately my mothers jewellery. That sucks really big time.

They swipe cash, a shitload of mothers jewellery (it's all gone), my portable DVD Player, a 15€ Gift Card and, very odd, the hearing aid from my late granny

My parents dealt with the insurance and called the security company.

Today i went to the Police and delivered some forms and went to our insurance guy with further infos.

I send the 'rents back on they vacation. Why should they stay. I all happened and i take care of the rest.

I have some days off and relax a bit.
Yesterday i called work and told them i stay at home. I was incapable for work..
I had no sleep and I would be useless.

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In a former live i must been a wrecking ball.

Last night i broke a wooden bed rail.

I took care of an old resident and suddenly the rail gave a loud crack.

It seems, i must loose a lot of more weght. :)
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I'm really not a gamer. I never managed go complete trough a game. And i use cheats

Now i bought L.A Noir and i hope for the best (and a big Fire ;)  )

I usually play only GTA and i think i can manage this, because of the similar structure (it's also Rockstar Games)

It's interesting and with suspense. We'll see

I also bought finally Totally Fucked Up by Gregg Araki.

He's a really great Director

My cousin helped with my Computer today and found several virsues and trojans on the thing, but i'm good again. I wonder how i get these shit again and again. I have a Firewall, Scanner and no admin rights on my account i'm allowed to surf onto (I can give them to me).

Well it seems i'm gifted.

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Yay, i have a 13 day break from work.
After the last few worknights it's very deserved.

After this i work another month and have then the "real" holiday.
5 weeks.

My parents treat me very careful, since last week. It's not necessary., but it's nice.
I asked a few family members and friends about this and all of them knew it and all of them thought that i knew it too.
I think its totally fascinating, that no one said a thing. Never.

Even the demented family members never said a word. My family is worth recruiting for the secret service ;-)

I bought some things:

The Young Ones : Complete BBC Series 1 & 2
Classic Sci-Fi Collection : Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers / Thing From Another World / Incredible Shrinking Man / This Island Earth / Creature From The Black Lagoon / It Came From Outer Space


High School Musical 1-3

I like the Movies. There nonsense, but somehow fun.

The FOX shop sucks. It delivered only to the US and i really like to buy some shirts.
A real bummer

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I'm back.

I went through all of the Movies awake.

Now i can start to read the books. Yes, i don't know the books
I have/had a rule for this: All books available as softcover in a boxset and under 50€.
Only if i found this, i start to read. I haven't found such a thing, yet. I can wait.

The marathon was fun anyway. 6, 7.1 and 7.2 (certainly) i doesn't know at all and 2 - 5 only partially.

I sat alongside of some Slytherin fangirls who blathered through part 1 to 6, but the one direkt next to me was fun and explained some fandom things to me.
They blathered themselve, but shout at someone behind us, as they dared so wisper through part 7.1 and 7.2.

All of the approximately 300 people stayed the whole thing, but one girl had health issues and collapsed twice and went to the hospital finally.

Afterwards i stayed at my friend's flat and held a nap. Otherwise i had surely a lot of cyclists on my conscience (it's a student town with lots of suicidal bike riders, who love to nearly jump on my hood [lots of experiance])

Now i'm home and try to stay awake a few more hours, so i don't mess with my rhythm. Works starts tomorrow.

Oh, and i couldn't resist and bought myself a Slushie.
Nasty stuff.
Now i understand all the terrified faces from the Glee people once one comes into sight
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So, i'm heading to bed and drive in the morning 1 hour to some friends and went with them to the cinema.

Let's see if i manage to stay awake for the entire thing.

Good night.
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I'm good.

I've managed the crisis at work (with help and cooperation from the others).

Some coworkers shiftet their  workdays, others make extra nights and one forwent of her first vacation day and started directly after work in her holiday.

Now i'm really tired. Next worknight in 4 days

But it's ok.
A resident, very demented, demanded a kiss this night, but i refused, what makes him sad.

I just came back from an appointment at my orthopedist. Now i know why i have so much pain in my knee.

My kneecap shifted and isn't in the middle anymore. I need surgery.
I need to think about it.

Proper walking is overrated.
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Still kindergarten at work.

I felt the need to join in and told some people what i think of them and their actions.
They were surprised, because i usually stay out of this.

Well, my direct superior is incompetent, but she doesn't deserve the way they treat her.

Then i told one of them, that she's a troublemaker who stoke up little fires and when the shit hits the fan, she dissapears and is pleased about the damage.

Some people....

Some positive things:

I lost more weight. 34 lb.

Another 13 and i reach my first goal (under 220lb)

I can buy clothes in smaller sizes already.
I must get accustomed to the fact, that i not grab automatically  the largest items. Especially online.
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Im a collector.

I collect various things. DVD/BD, Cookbooks, Moviescripts (only 2 yet), Props (also only 3 things yet, too expensive), even socks and Fanfiction of course.

Now i counted the fic i gathered and become a bit flabbergasted. I didn't realize the amount of it.

I collect 4 fandoms at this time and this is the result:

For Daria i have 627 things (357 Oneshots) and counting
For SGA i have 735 things (624 Onshots) and counting
For Faculty i found 874 things (658 Oneshots) and counting
and finally
For Glee i gathered 1158 fics (781 Oneshots) and counting

The rest are Multiparts and Series. I have for each one an indvidual folder.

Inpressive, if you consider, that i started to read fic not even a year ago.
And no, i haven't read it all, but i sit on it.

I think, i'm throwing myself really into things, when i'm hooked.
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In July i'll go and see Harry Potter in the theater.

All of them, exactly.
In a row.

A friend suggested it and i decided to tag along.

The theater shows the movies from 2 pm till 2 pm the next day.

I changed work duty with 2 coworkers therefor and i hope i can change another workshift, so i can sleep in that day.

There is a coffee flat included.

I'm very curious and hope for the best.

I should bring a soft cushion to prevent a decubitus.

I'm definately looking forward for it.
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I broke my rule for watching tv shows: "Stay in order and do not watch later episodes"

So i watched the latest US episode of Glee (partly), because i was enormously curious (i don't really watch the show, because of my issues, but i love to read FF and watch some specific pairing and info groups, so i am sort of very rough informed)

A really tearfest.
What a tension.
Cruel fuckers.

And meanwhile i have great compassion with poor Dave.
I have my own theory about the next episode and it's title, measured by his  face and his actions.

Let's hope for the best that my sick imagination is wrong.

Recently i had a meeting at work.
The group of persons with a disabled person's pass met and talked about latest issues and stuff.

I received many compliments about my weight loss. Some people hadn't seen me in years.
It makes me proud a little bit.
My pysician however is still unsatisfied and is scolding, scolding, scolding.

Latest purchases:

First Season Hawaii Five-O as a PreOrder
Season One Nurse Jackie
Season 3 Big Bang Theory
127 Hours PreOrder

and this T-Shirt:

Oh: And my SG-1 Complete Box hasn't arrived yet. It seems, its got "lost".
Nowhere a possibility for contact. The only wise advice from the Amazon Help Site:
When it hasn't arrived at a specific date: Wait longer.


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Today the archbishop for my region deprived an openly gay theologian his permison to teach catholic religion at schools

Last  year he wrote in a big paper an article about the catholic church and her bigot hadling with gays.

Allegedly it had nothing to do withe the fact that he's gay, but with hs article he had "hurt the indispensable trust of the archbishop and can no longer reliable teach religion for the church"

That makes me sick.

I'm sorry if i hurt some feelings here, but the church is only a bunch of dishonest, stubborn old dicks.

The only reason i'm not leaving this instituion is my scant. Leavin the church costs 30€.
But i think now, it's a good value.

For the record: I was very active in church. I was an altar girl for 9 years and the following 9 years i managed with some friends the crew of altar kids. I only leaved because my job ate my time.

Another thing: Our current minister is openly gay and it's no issue in the community.

But he hasn´'t wrote against his employer.

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