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Guess what!

Our Queen of  the sick call, called in sick saturday. We run 2/2 again.
This happens a lot these days, because others are real sick.

She has a new reason, finally. We mob her.
This came into her mind after she learned some of the others partied at carnival and she was not invited. Poor gal.
We are not even capable of such thing. She's rarely around.

Beside this, she made really clear that she doesn't care about the team. Now this?
It's clearly her new reason for lazy days at home and sniff coke
I ask myself why she fought her dismissals she got in the past so vehemently.

This sucks really big time.

Now to something completely different:

I lost more weight. Since i start with Victoza, i lost around 10 lb. This make 37lb less since my weight peak. A new wardrobe is due again.


I bought again:

Sucker Punch - Extended Cut
Red Riding Hood
The Pillars of the Earth
Stargate Universe - Season 1

This month i visit a DVD/BD "Con" in Muenster and we will see if i find something interesting. I'm looking forward for it. 
I also meet a group of friends, again, after a big fight few years ago i had with some of them.
I wonder how it goes, because it was nasty.
Well, we'll see. We are all "reasonable" adults (sort of).

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