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I know it's boring, but i repeat:
Work is madness. But now at the day. The Nightteam seems ok at this time (knock on wood).

A few new coworkers start not long ago at some specific area. One of the, a trained nurse was forced to work her area alone. At her very first day. They gave her a instruction sheet and: let's go. Work!  For this she quit her former job.

At Friday night a few collegues called in sick and another new one was entirely alone at afternoon shift. Other areas helped her out, but she was entirely overwelmed. It helped nothing, that even then  someone died. At my arrival she sat at the desk and had a good cry. Understandable.

I took over, the physician came and recorded the dead, but he took his time. The widow had also the need for a chat and i ran out of time for my first medical round. It became a bit hectic at the end.

I buyed again:

Spooks Season 8 + 9
a German TV event from the 80s, called "Wilder Westen inklusive"

and some books about Teen Movies and the so called Brat Pack.

I still have no Christmas presents, but a few days remain, right?

It's almost incredible, but a friend and i found finally a time for a meeting in the city. We tried this since may.

One unbelievable thing?

It seems my bad knee became normal again.
A few weeks ago i went downstairs and suddenly a really big pain shot through the knee. Like something ripped.

2 Weeks i couldn't walk properly, but now i can walk, take the stairs without any pain. I can even kneel.

Weird, but i can't complain.

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