Jan. 25th, 2012

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Here we go again.

Last Christmas Friday a coworker newer showed up.  We doesn't noticed that, because she's always late and she was sheduled for the other building.
Eventually the other coworker in this building noticed an infomed us in the main building.

We called the absent one and ask her why don't she showed up.

She thought she had the day off, because she had so much extra hours. She forgot to register or mention this and now she doesn't feel for work and she refuse to show up.

Ok. For that i gave her a sick day in the books. She was not pleased.
She's lucky that i not call our head of nursing service.

Well. i send the third person to the other building and worked the main building with a co worker alone.

The other day the absent one from yesterday showed up as nothing happened.
I avoid her, or i lost it.

Next thing

An old lady complained about pain in her left leg. I would gave her her extra pain meds, but these were discontinued from the MD (I gave her nevertheless something, but pssst)

I informed the morning shift and the guy said something like this: The pain is only in her head. Don't pay attention.
Well. Even that sort of pain is pain anmd need attention. Ok.

Yesterday i was informed that the old lady is transferred to the Hospital. This morning she complained a lot and they send her away for x ray.

What can i say? They diagnosed a fracture of the femur neck. She broke her leg as a result of a fall weeks!! ago. She was never sent away for x ray, despised her complaines of pain, or inability to stand.

I'm seriously pissed and i'm very "sorry" that i have my days off, otherwise i would say to the dayshift guy (who word the afternoon today) a thing or two.

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